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1600 & 2000 Pinto

Cosworth BDD & BDA


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Quality constructed engine stand for Formula Fords, Sports 2000, Formula 2000, and Vintage Formula Atlantics with the standard 4 bolt bosses on both sides of the motor.  Unlike the heavier and more common stands on the market, we designed our stands for complete and easy access to any part of the engine.  Standard side mounted 3 stage oil pumps, starters, oil pan, oil lines, and sensors are easily installed or removed, and the additional height under the dry sump pan ledge (a full 9.5") allows for easy flywheel/clutch mounting and determining TDC.  In fact, there is enough room to reassemble the entire motor while on the stands sitting on a bench.  Or use it to ship motors by bolting the stand to a pallet.   So well engineered, standing my 205 pounds on the far edge of the block doesn't phase it one bit.

Additionally, for those of us who are constantly misplacing things, we have designed the stand with 8 bolt holders to put the engine mounting bolts so you can find them when you need them. 


One pair of Racer Engine Stands unpainted             $89.95 

Use Pay Pal buttons for SINGLE purchases only!  Please e-mail me at Gearbox22@Verizon.Net for discounted shipping costs for multiple purchases.  Thank you. 

 For Ford 1600, Cosworth BDD, BDA, and Lotus TC with SAE 5/16" Coarse Motor mounting bolts  

For Ford 2.0 SOHC with Metric 8mm Motor mounting bolts



Shipping $20 to any 48 US States ($2.35 each stand added for Pay Pal Payments). Shipping discounts on multiple orders.  Please contact for international shipping rates.   

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